The Story Behind The Emerald Way

There are over 100km of walking trails along the Sydney coast and Harbour. To tackle the entire journey would take days and some significant planning. Which is how The Emerald Way came about.

A small team of enthusiastic, amateur walkers decided to craft from the ground up a walk that connected the most spectacular trails and then wrap them together with memorable places to stay and dine. It’s a first for Sydney – a truly world class, curated walking experience.

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The Emerald Way - Aerial photo

What's In A Name?

Of course Rome is known as ‘The Eternal City’. It is a no brainer. How New York became ‘The Big Apple’ however is more a case of marketing spin. So how did we settle on ‘The Emerald Way’ as the moniker for our trail?

Well the name goes back to 1987, when Australia’s most famous playwright, David Williamson was looking for a catchy title for his new play. Eventually he settled upon the name of the city in which ‘The Wizard of Oz’ lived. Get it? That’s the first time Sydney was bestowed the nickname The Emerald City.

We also liked the fact that ‘Emerald’ so vividly captures the sensational hues of sea and sky which envelops our walk and for which our city is rightly famous.

So there you have it – The Emerald Way, showcasing Sydney, The Emerald City.

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Why Walk With Us

We’ve planned this walk in meticulous detail and road-tested it many times over. We’ve worked with other local businesses to share the myriad delights that Sydney has to offer. And we’ve sourced the very best Walk Leaders to give you the experience of a lifetime. Walk with us to share the passion and commitment of a small, family based business that dared to dream big.

The Emerald Way - Urban walking advernture

Meet the Team

Our Walk Leaders have been chosen not only for their incredible, diverse local knowledge, but because they are all natural storytellers with a love of the outdoors and a natural affinity with people – rare individuals that have the passion, personality and commitment to bring our walks to life. 

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Our Culture

We love walking. So it’s only natural that the culture of Urban Walks is a reflection of that shared passion.  Albeit a gentle, understated passion.

We appreciate how lucky we are to be able to live and walk in such an amazing environment. So we take care and tread lightly by embracing the seven principles of ‘Leave No Trace Australia’.  We are of the mindset to ‘stop and smell the roses’ and do not see walking as a competition.

Our charity of choice is ‘One Tree Planted’. Come on a walk with us and we’ll plant a tree on your behalf.

We are also an organisation with (dare we say it) our feet firmly on the ground. We’re a family owned business that is inclusive and welcoming. Our raison d’être is to encourage and nurture.

All our Walk Leaders are highly skilled and uniformly nice. Their focus is to create a memorable experience for each of our guests.

In a nutshell, what we’re really all about is encouraging people to discover the unique camaraderie of a good walk shared.

Giving Back

Urban Walks cares about the planet and is creating a business that gives back to nature. That’s why we’ve partnered with ‘One Tree Planted’ to plant a tree for every guest who walks The Emerald Way. Find out more at

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